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Hello. :o) I guess first, I'll follow the rules. I'm 17, and I've… - For those looking to give and get worthy critiques

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April 4th, 2005

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05:28 pm

I guess first, I'll follow the rules. I'm 17, and I've been writing for a few years I guess, but really only on and off when I'm in a certain 'mood' persay.

Anywase, I'm doing an english AP project, where we gotta write poems and such, and I have this one poem, I'm wondering if someone can tell me if it can be considered 'free verse'. Or, maybe it can be catagorized at something else? Thanks.


If I died today, would you miss my face?
Would you miss my smile, my laughter, my grace?
If I died right now, would you lie beside me and shelter my cries?
Would you wrap your arms around me and place your lips upon my eyes?
Would you hold and comfort me as I go?
Only three words that I wanted you to know:
I love you; you mean the world to me.
My love stretches longer than the world can see.
I remember the way you held me so tight.
I begin to wish for that comfort tonight.
And now alone, I must lie.
All alone, while I die.

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