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poetrycritique's Journal

For those looking to give and get worthy critiques
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Our vision is to be an active community where people can count on good, in-depth critiques for their poems. This means line-by-line assessments (or close to it), discussing style, meter, grammar, avoiding cliches, etc. -- not "nice poem" or "that sucks."

Here's how it works:
1. Post a short intro, telling us your name,age, how long you've been writing, and a sample of your writing.
2. members will critique your poem. feel free to critique your own poem if you would like to.
3. you may then start commenting as you like. but remember to be active in the community. please

Critiquing Poetry -- elements to consider and how to consider them.
Critiquing Tips -- elements to consider and ways to phrase your suggestions.
The Benefits of Critiquing -- sometimes you learn more by re-writing than by writing.
about cliches

RULES for members:
1. You must be active in the community;
2. Add to the list of poems for newbies to critique here. (you may also post these for the whole community to critique)

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